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The Black Woods: Pursuing Racial Justice on the Adirondack Frontier by Amy Godine

November 6, 2023, 7 – 8 pm, Free, virtual

In August 1846, the land-rich abolitionist Gerrit Smith unveiled his plan to parcel out 120,000 Adirondack acres to three thousand Black New Yorkers. His goal: to help his “grantees” gain the voting rights they had been denied since 1821 unless they could prove ownership of real property. From the distribution of his gift land to poor Black men from all over New York, to the on-the-ground experience of Black Adirondack pioneers in the second half of the 19th century and the afterlife of Smith’s “scheme of justice and benevolence” in Adirondack and Black memory, The Black Woods introduces a provocative and stirring chapter to New York’s rich history of racial justice.

Independent scholar and long-time _Adirondack Li_fe contributor Amy Godine has published scores of articles about Adirondack ethnic and social history. She has curated several exhibitions, including “Dreaming of Timbuctoo,” about an abolitionist-founded black settlement near North Elba. Amy has lectured widely in the region on migratory laborers, immigrants, ethnic neighborhoods and enclaves, peddlers, paupers, pilgrims, squatters, strikers, undocumented immigrants, and other Adirondack “non-elites.”

The Black Woods: Pursuing Racial Justice on the Adirondack Frontier has a mid-November publication date.

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And also from The Adirondack Experience….

Ethel Bowditch (Ghost of S. Bowditch) 1886. (P070035)

Adirondack Ghost Stories

ADKX-tra Credit is a history podcast for students.

Ghost stories have been around as long as there have been people telling stories. Here in the Adirondacks, we have plenty of scary stories that have been told and retold—especially as groups sit around a campfire late at night. Telling ghost stories was a favorite pastime of the traditional Adirondack Guide. It was and still is, a great way to share the folklore of the region.

This episode is a celebration of the tradition of telling spooky stories. Our stories have just enough history in them to make you wonder…

ADKX-tra Credit is a history podcast for students.

Listen HERE.

Warren County Historical Society Hosts Open House & Book Launch

Saturday, November 4, from 11 am – 2 pm

Meet Dr. Daniel Day, author of Seneca Ray Stoddard: An Intimate Portrait of an Adirondack Legend; Patricia Dolton, author of New York Suffragists in Redwork; Ed Zahniser, author of Neighbor to Adirondack Wilderness: Howard Zahniser’s “Mateskared Cabin;” Frieda Toth, author of James Bond Route 9 and Me and the 35 other authors of _Warren County Voice_s: Al Oudekerk, Allie Johnston, William P. “Bill” Gates, Carter Olson, Cynthia Muratori, Ed Zahniser, Eleanor Oudekerk, Frieda Toth, Jack Mannix, Jane Murphy, Susan A. Jefts, James O. Barber, John Hastings, John Strough,Julie Brino, Katherine Lieberth, Kyle Marie (Smith) Graves, Maisie Heisey, Meredith Montgomery, Peter Stec, Ruth Brior, Sandra Stillman Gartner, Stan Cianfarano, Steve Bederian, Teri Podnorszki Rogers, Tom Muratori, Tyler Mu, Pam Mannix, Dorothy Frost, and Flora McEnaney

Their books will be available for purchase and the authors will on hand to autograph their books. Our book and gift shop will also be open along with refreshments served.

Warren County Historical Society, 50 Gurney Lane, Queensbury

An ArtWorks Workshop

Caricature Art Workshop with Joe Ferris

Sunday, November 5, 2 -3:30 pm, free

Interested in drawing caricatures? Don’t miss the Joe Ferris Caricature Art Workshop at Upper Jay Art Center.

Joe Ferris has been a caricature artist for over ten years. During his time as an artist he has drawn caricatures for the founder of Uber(Travis Kalanick) and NFL players on The Giants and New Orlean Saints. But most of all he enjoys drawing caricatures for local children and adults of his home stomping grounds of upstate NY. Joe uses old fashioned brush and ink when he does caricatures and strives for a cartoony yet true to life depiction! Joe has taught many caricature workshop and believes there is no such thing as a dumb question as long as someone is trying to learn.

For more information, contact:

Register HERE.

Upper Jay Art Center, 12198 Old Rt 9n, Upper Jay

Russell Banks, Sally Warner, and Richard “Armando” Persico Inducted into Lake Placid Hall of Fame

November 4, 2023, 6 pm

The Lake Placid Hall of Fame Committee invites you to celebrate the new nominees to the Lake Placid Hall of Fame.

The 40th Annual Induction Event will be held at the Mount Van Hoevenberg North Lounge and includes drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

The inductees for the 2023 class include Russell Banks, Sally Warner, and Richard “Armando” Persico.

Tickets are $40 and are available online HERE.

Wells Memorial Library Author Signing

St. Lawrence University Presents

Listening to Water

Through December 9, 2023

Listening to Water follows the rivers and streams that flow from the Adirondack Mountains to their confluences with the Kaniatarowanénhne, translated from the Kanien’kéha (Mohawk) as the Great River, also known as the St. Lawrence River.

Traveling through and with these waters, a group of artists, researchers, and traditional knowledge holders have collaborated to share the voices of rivers and their more-than-human guardians.

Works include a beaded storytelling quilt by Iakonikonriiosta and Lorna Maie Thomas (Akwesasne), as well as ceramic vessels by Katsitsionni Fox (Akwesasne), Rachael Marne Jones (USA), and Sosakete (Akwesasne).

Learn more HERE.

St. Lawrence University, Griffiths Arts Center, 23 Romoda Dr, Canton

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