Adirondack Center for Writing

Adirondack Center for Writing


The Adirondack Center for Writing brings people and words together.
ACW has been refined by 20 years of service to the writers, readers, storytellers, and listeners of the Adirondack region.

Through events and programs, ACW has been given access to the fears, flaws, beliefs, and dreams of the people who live here. Residents trust ACW enough to attend provocative programs, and they are trusted in turn to engage with tough topics openly and honestly.

Looking forward, ACW is focused and inspired by the ever-changing needs of the community. Because when people and words come together, incredible things happen.

ACW has a legacy that’s just beginning.

The Adirondack Center for Writing cultivates the art of writing, the joy of reading, and the love of storytelling. We celebrate the power of language to invite discovery, to create an understanding of people and sense of place, and to build community.


Build and maintain a community of writing, reading, and listening across disciplines, traditions, ages and geographies.
Honor the rich literary, cultural and natural history of the Adirondacks.
Partner with diverse individuals, organizations and schools to promote the craft of writing and the practice of reading in our communities.