Awaken A Dream: a Muse Workshop with Evelyne Verret

Downtown Artist Cellar 410 East Main Street, Malone, NY

Have you ever felt like somewhere along the way, you lost touch with those vibrant dreams you used to hold so dear? You're not alone. Many of us set our dreams aside as life's endless demands take over. But what if you could reconnect with that part of you in just a few hours? That's...


P.S. – Letters for Ceasefire

Adirondack Center for Writing 15 Broadway, Saranac Lake

Every Monday, 5 – 7 PM, 15 Broadway, Saranac Lake, NY Write postcards, letters, and/or poems to elected officials demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. We will provide mailing supplies, writing prompts, information about the war on Gaza, and resources for contacting local, state, and national representatives. Drop in and help us foster...


Practical Knot Tying

ADK ArtRise 62 Main Street, SARANAC LAKE, NY, United States

Knot tying is one of the most practical life skills you can learn! This class is led by retired forest ranger Dell Jeffery, who's military and swift water rescue experience lends depth and expertise to this 3 hour class.


Queer Nature: A Writing Workshop with Elliot Pecora

Adirondack Center for Writing 15 Broadway, Saranac Lake

In this workshop–informed by Queer Nature: A Poetry Anthology (Autumn House, 2022)–students will interact hands-on with a variety of poems. This includes collaging, remixing, and creating black-out poetry while discussing the varied relationship between queerness and the natural world. In this collaborative space, we’ll include time to free-write and share out work, asking questions of...


Every Queer Story Starts Somewhere: A Live Storytelling Workshop

Adirondack Center for Writing 15 Broadway, Saranac Lake

The queer community is bursting with inspiring, harrowing, hilarious, and moving narratives. But, how do you turn an interesting anecdote into a compelling story with a great hook and a clear beginning, middle and end? Better yet: how do you perform it? In this workshop, attendees will learn how to craft compelling slam-style stories with...


Creating Fictional Worlds: A Three-day Creative Writing Workshop for Teen Writers (ages 13-18)

Adirondack Center for Writing 15 Broadway, Saranac Lake

3-day workshop on July 8, 10, and 12 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from 6-8 pm at ACW $75 – $150 Pay-what-you-can sliding scale Do you love reading about magical kingdoms, lands, or alternate worlds? Do you ever find yourself dreaming up or sketching out your own? Are you a teen writer inspired by fairytales, mythology, fantasy,...

$75 – $150